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How To Read your Water Meter

The City of Oneida Water Department in 1981 completed the installation of remote read meters. Prior to this, access into each home was required to read individual meters. This was both time consuming and required many meters to be estimated each quarter. The new system uses a meter reading gun. This gun sends a signal to the meter head that returns the reading of the odometer located on the meter. A solid state interrogator stores the meter reading and it is transferred electronically to the billing computer.


While the City reads the meter from outside, it is still possible to get a reading from inside directly from the meter by following these easy steps:

ReadMetersLocate your meter. Most meters are located in the basement, some are in meter pits, and some are located in the utility room at homes and businesses that don't have a basement. If you still can't locate your meter - find the outside reader and follow the wire that exits it to the water meter.
 Once you have located the water meter - clean off the top plastic of the meter. This will allow you to view down into the odometer.There are three types of meters located in the City.  All meters operate on the same principle but the location of the odometer is different.
Once you have located the odometer, record all the white digits. The City of Oneida bills for each 100 cuft (cubic feet) (white digits on odometer). You can use this reading to compare to your water bill. The black digits are for the units and tens cuft., these are useful in determining if you have a leak.


By being able to read the meter, you can determine how much water you use in a day, if you have a leak, or how much water it took to fill your pool. By recording all the digits prior to leaving in the morning and when you return home for the day, you can see if any water is leaking through a faucet or down your toilet. Also when you receive your bill, you can verify that the meter was correctly read. You can also use your reading to estimate your next bill.

You may be surprised at how much water you use in a day.

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