Preliminary Budget for Fiscal Year 2015

October 30, 2014

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  Preliminary 2015 Budget
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The City of Oneida follows a standard budget development process. This includes an update of revenue projections by the finance department that is based upon historical trends and changes in the City’s resources.

The Mayor and the City Comptroller meet with department heads to discuss the details of each department’s budget for the upcoming year. After the conclusion of those meetings, the City makes adjustments to those requests based upon financial resources and need.  The Preliminary Budget is then presented to the Common Council and the public by no later than October 30 each year.

The City Council will then meet in public budget sessions during the month of November to again discuss the details of each department’s budget and make final adjustments. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend these sessions.

On or before November 27, the City Council will hold a public hearing, at which time there is an opportunity for citizens to communicate with them regarding the proposed budget.