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Pat Baron

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Pool Permits

All residential swimming pools with the City of Oneida containing 24″ of water or more require a building permit.  The building permit is required to ensure that the pool meets the applicable zoning codes, building codes, and electrical codes.  The zoning code states that all pools must be located in the side or rear yards.  Pools must be located no closer that 10′ away from the property line, 10′ from dwelling and other accessory structures.  A third party electrical inspection is required for all pools that require a building permit to ensure the proper installation of the electrical wiring and components.  A list of third Party electrical inspection agencies is listed below.  A copy of the completed electrical inspection must be submitted to the Building Inspector prior to the use of the pool, and without it a Certificate of Compliance will not be issued.  For pools with an outside wall height that is 48″ above grade, a barrier is not required.  All other pools must meet the proper barrier requirements before the Certificate of Compliance is issued and the pool can be used.

Third Party Electrical Inspectors

Pool Permit Application

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