Legal & Public Notices

The City of Oneida posts legal and public notices as required by State law. The City posts notices on the City website (see below) and in the City's official newspaper

Legal Notices for2018


Adopt Local Law No. 1 of 2018

Adopt Local Law No. 2 of 2018

Public Hearing to Amend Sustainable Energy Program

Invitation to Bid – Generator

Public Hearing – Local Law Assessor 1.16.18

Public Hearing – Codes Ordinance 1.16.18

Legal Notices for2017

LN.Adopt.LL.6.2017.hydroponic agriculture.12.19.17

Public Hearing Proposed Local Law 12/5/17

Public Hearing Ordinance Amendment 12/5/17

Seasonal Vendors Applications Due

Legal Notice of Estoppel – City Hall Improvements

2018 Budget Public Hearing-11.21.2017

Adopt Joint ZBA/Planning Commission.

Utility Billing 2017-2018

Public Hearing Planning Commission – 11.16.17


Public Hearing RestoreNYGrantSubmission.2017

Public Hearing CDBG Grant Application2017

Oneida Rail Trail Phases I & II – PINS 2650.45 & 2650.48.

10/7/2017 – Public Hearing to Create a Joint ZBA/Planning Commission

Adopt Local Law 4 of 2017 – Sustainable Energy Program

Legal Notice of Estoppel – LED Conversion


Sustainable Energy Loan Program

2017 Tax Cap Increase

Sign Requirements and Off Street Parking

Sign Ordianance Amendments 8/1/2107

Legal Notice of Estoppel for WWTP Flood Mitigation

2017 Mosquito – Adulticide

Inv. to Bid Lateral Wall Repair

Vacant Building Registry and Maintenance Program

Lease Agreement – GroSolar

Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Proposed Local Law to establish a Vacant Building Registry and Maintenance Program




Legal Notices for2016

Public Hearing June 7th 2016 Proposed Local Law relative to electric cars

Public Hearing: Notice

Public Hearing: Notice

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