City of Oneida Fire Department

 ksalernoKevin Salerno, Fire Chief

109 N. Main St.
Oneida, NY 13421

(315) 363-1910 Fax: (315)363-3437
Emergencies: 911

  • Office Hours: 8:00 – 4:00 Mon. – Thurs  8:00 – 3:30 Friday




Mission Statement

The Oneida Fire Department operates under a general guiding principle known as our Mission Statement. The Mission Statement broadly defines the purpose and goals of the organization, establishing a philosophical foundation on which to build programs and services. All members of the fire department should consider the Mission Statement in every activity or document produced by the agency. The Mission Statement applies to ALL members of the City of Oneida Fire Department who are currently serving in the fire department or to any who act on its behalf.

Our Mission:

It is the mission of the City of Oneida Fire Department to preserve life and property, promote public safety and foster economic growth by meeting and exceeding our community’s needs and expectations in any situation when called upon. We will maintain a state of readiness at all times for the citizens we serve and recognize that the community is the reason for our presence. The City of Oneida Fire Department will provide prompt effective fire suppression, advanced emergency medical services, response to specialized rescues, natural disasters and will advance public safety through its fire prevention, investigation and education programs.

Core Values:


The City of Oneida Fire Department continues its unwavering call to protect and serve with tradition, courtesy, sensitivity, dignity and respect.


We hold the preservation of life as our sacred duty. Bravery is the ability to overcome fear through fortitude, instinct, training and compassion for others. We aspire to do the right thing, even when it’s difficult.


The enormous commitment necessary to perform the Departments tasks requires excellence of character. We shall maintain the highest ethical standards. Act with sincerity, be honest, promote openness, inspire others through pride, earn the respect and trust of others with the belief that every action reflects on all members of the department, both past and present.


A commitment to professionalism and our mission will provide the highest quality services to our citizens; we consider the needs of others before our own. We will demonstrate pride and loyalty to the organization.


Enjoy your work, be able to laugh. Keep a sense of humor. Work together to solve problems, seek out opinions, strive for unity


By combining all of the components of our core values, the City of Oneida Fire Department will maintain its constant state of readiness to meet all challenges, both traditional and new.

Organizational Statement

The City of Oneida Fire Department is a fully paid career fire department. There is a Commissioner of Public Safety, Fire Chief, 1 Assistant Chief, who is also in charge of 1 of 4 platoons, and 3 Deputy Chiefs who are in charge of the other 3 platoons. We operate out of 1 central fire station and has a company grade officer, (Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief, or Lieutenant) in charge of each platoon every day. The department operates with a 5 man minimum on duty. In addition, we attempt to maintain at least 1 fire inspector on duty each day. There is also a minimum of 1 Advanced Care EMS provider on duty every day. All firefighters are required to maintain, at a minimum, the certification of a Basic EMTD. There is also 1 administrative assistant Monday thru Friday as well as a part time housing inspector who works under the direction of the fire department.

The department includes various divisions that oversee daily operations. These divisions include the training division, which administers the departments required 100 hrs. of annual fire training each member must complete yearly. The mechanics division maintains the department’s fleet of vehicles and equipment. The EMS division ensures that all State requirements, regulations and mandates are adhered to. They also administer the EMS training program which requires each department member to train a minimum of 75 hours yearly on Emergency Medical Services. The SCBA division maintains the department’s self-contained breathing apparatus as well as the in house cascade system.

The City of Oneida Fire Marshal Office is responsible for inspections of all commercial and public assembly properties within the City, as well as enforcing the New York State Uniform Fire Code. The fire marshal’s office also administers the department’s fire prevention program. The office consists of the Fire Marshal, an Assistant Fire Marshal as well as several fire inspectors. This office is also responsible for investigating all fires within the City as well as plans review for new and updated commercial properties.

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