$1.29 million in funding for Oneida wastewater treatment (WWTP).

February 2, 2016

FEMA approves $1.29 million in funding for flood mitigation measures at the city of Oneida wastewater treatment (WWTP).

The city of Oneida WWTP facility and staff are responsible for converting waste products into regulated materials that can be safely released into the environment.  In 2013 the WWTP incurred approximately $1.3 million dollars in damages caused by the Oneida Creek floodwaters.  The significant damages required months of repair work and impaired plant operations.  Damages also impacted local industrial businesses that were required to cease production until temporary treatment measures were installed.


In 2014 the City of Oneida began coordinating on a mitigation proposal with the NYS Department of Homeland Security, FEMA and an environmental engineering consultant to protect the facility from future events.  The FEMA approved design includes sheet pile flood protection, on-site storm water improvements and effluent pumping upgrades.  The proposed improvements would dry-floodproof the facility to the 100-year flood elevation plus two feet.