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Exemptions are applicable to city/county and or school taxable assessments.

There are Business improvement exemptions, Veterans, Partial Tax Exemption for Senior Citizens, Basic STAR, Enhanced STAR(for seniors over 65 years of age), Capital improvement, Persons with disability, Agricultural exemptions, Nonprofit organization and Clergy.

You can obtain an application from the assessors office located in City Hall or go the states web site .


          Section 485-b of the Real Property Tax Law authorizes a partial exemption from real property taxation for commercial, business or industrial property constructed, altered or improved.  This exemption applies to city/county/school. The exemption is 50% of the assessed value attributable to the improvement for the first year.  It decreases by 5% in each year until it is removed after the tenth year. This applies to city/county/school.


          This exemption is available to qualifying residential property owned by honorable discharged veterans who served during defined periods of war.  This property must be owned by the veteran, the spouse of veteran, or unremarried surviving spouse of the veteran.  The City of Oneida and Madison County adopted the reduced maximum.  The dollar limits are $6,000 off assessed value for War Veteran, $4,000 for Combat Zone, and % of Disability for Disabled Veteran up to $20,000. A copy of the DD-214 is needed to apply for this exemption. You should also have a copy of the deed to the house or other proof that you andor your spouse are the owners of the property. For more information please call us 363-7579. This exemption applies to city/county portion only.


            The Senior Citizen must be 65 years of age before taxable status day.  If married only one spouse has to be 65 years or over.  Proof of age is a birth  or baptismal certificate, or drivers license. The property must be the legal residence.  Madison County and the City of Oneida have adopted a similar sliding scale.  The sliding scale for City exemptions starts with income under $15,000.00 reducing total taxable by 50% and it increases up to $22,500 and under for 10%.  the sliding scale for Madison County Starts with income under $18,000.00 reducing total taxable by 50% and it increases up to $25,500.00 and under for 10%.  The table below reflects the exemptions for each.

Oneida School Madison county Oneida City Exemption
Under 12,000 Under 18,000 Under 15,000 50%
12,001 – 13,000 18,001 – 19,000 15,001 – 16,000 45%
13,001 – 14,000 19,001 – 20,000 16,001 – 17,000 40%
14,001 – 15,000 20,001 – 21,000 17,001 – 18,000 35%
15,001 – 15,900 21,001 – 21,900 18,001 – 18,900 30%
15,901 – 16,800 21,901 – 22,800 18,901 – 19,800 25%
16,801 – 17,700 22,801 – 23,700 19,801 – 20,700 20%
17,701 – 18,600 23,701 – 24,600 20,701 – 21,600 15%
18,601 – 19,500 24,601 – 25,500 21,601 – 22,500 10%

Income is for the latest preceding tax year on social security, pension, interest, dividends, rentals etc.  Please inquire about other sources of income.  If a New York State or Federal Income Tax is filed, a copy must be submitted with application.  This application must be renewed each year.  Renewals are mailed out in January.  Depending on the amount of income, a senior can qualify for city/county/school.


            The STAR  exemption is for owner occupied residence(of one, two or three families)  for persons under 65 years of age.  This coming school year 2014-2015, it will reduce the total taxable assessment by $30,000.  The application must be submitted on or before May 1st.  This exemptions applies to the school tax bill only. (RP425)


            The Enhanced STAR applies to seniors (65 years of age) that earn less than $84,500  per year.  The primary residence (of one, two or three families) will receive a reduction in total taxable assessment of $50,000 on their school tax bill.  Income can be proven by a previous year or current New York State or Federal Income Tax Return.  There are worksheets for seniors not filing an income tax return.  This exemption must be renewed each year.


            A partial exemption from real property taxation of the increase in assessed value attributable to reconstruction, alterations or improvements made to residential property.

The property must be a 1 or 2 family residence.  The value of repair must exceed $3,000 and not over $80,000.  The residence must be at least 5 years old.  The application and documentation to support the cost of the improvement must be submitted by May 1st. The reduction is on a sliding scale from 50% the first year to 12.5% on the 8th year. This exemption applies to city only.


            The property must be owned by the person (or spouse ) with disabilities.  The applicant must submit an award letter from the Social Security Administration certifying that the applicant receives SSDI or SSI.  The disability must not be due to alcohol or illegal drug use.  A letter from the State Commission for Blind and Visually Handicapped stating that the applicant is legally blind.  There is a sliding scale for income.  If married the income of spouse must be included.  The income for the year they are applying must be used.  May 1st is the deadline.  This will apply only to the City portion of the taxes.


            There is an agricultural exemption for land of at least 10 acres which has an average gross sale value of ten thousand dollars for the preceding two years for the sale of crops, livestock or livestock products. The other part of the exemption is for agriculture less than 10 acres and at least fifty thousand dollars for the preceding two years. A few other qualifications are listed on the instructions. Please check with the assesor’s office or for more details and other agricultural exemptions. Forms are due by May 1st. The exemption applies to county/city/ and school.


            There are many rules concerning nonprofit status.  It is best to check with the assessor.  Basically, a property must be owned by a corporation organized for one or more of the purposes included in Real Property Tax Law 420-a or 420-b. It must be used exclusively for exempt purposes and non profits not distributed to the officers.  The property must be in used for tax exempt purposes.  For a detailed explanation, please contact the assessor’s office or .  The deadline is May 1st and applies to city/county/school.  Renewal forms are sent out annually to all nonprofit organizations.


            An exemption of $1,500 from real property taxation for real property owned by a member of the clergy or the unmarried surviving spouse of such member. The application must be renewed annually and applies to city/county/school. (RP460)

            Section 462 of the Real Property Tax Law authorizes an exemption from real property taxation for property owned by a religious corporation while actually used by the officiating clergy for residential purposes.  The application must be renewed annually and applies to city/county/school.

Cold War Veterans’ Exemption

     The exemption provides a basic property tax exemption, of either 10 or 15 percent of assessed value(as  adopted by the municipality) to verterans who served during the Cold War period.  the law also provide and additional exemption to disabled vetererans, equal to one-half of their service-connected disability ratings.  The basic exemption is limited to 10 years, but there is no time limit for the disabled portion of this exemption.  In bother instances, the exemption is limitedc to the primary residence of the veteran, and is applicable only to Madison County taxes, not to school taxes or spsecial district levies.

            For more information on exemptions that are not listed above, please contact the assessor’s office or

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