Waste Water Treatment Plant

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Waste Water Treatment Plant & Sewers

Mailing Address:
387 Harden St.
Oneida, NY 13421

Phone: (315) 363-4860 FAX: (315) 363-4883

Sanitary Sewer Collection System

  • The goal of all wastewater treatment is to change harmful pollutants in waste products into non-polluting products that can be safely released back into the environment.The City of Oneida is responsible for operating the largest wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Madison County. The facility utilizes primary and secondary treatment along with seasonal disinfection to achieve effluent water quality goals.Primary (mechanical) treatment is designed to remove suspended and floating solids via bar screens and primary clarifiers. This system was reconstructed in 2008.Secondary (biological) treatment uses a two-stage activated sludge process. The process utilizes aerobic microbes to remove dissolved organic matter that escaped primary treatment. Secondary treatment also consists of phosphorus removal by adding liquid iron salts.

    From May 15 to October 15 effluent is disinfected using chlorine to kill fecal coliform.

    Treated effluent from the WWTP is conveyed to Oneida Creek with a small flow proportion conveyed to the Turning Stone Resort for irrigation use during summer operations. The effluent conveyed to the Turning Stone Resort undergoes additional tertiary treatment.

    WWTP effluent is regulated by the NYS DEC under a State Pollution Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) permit. The permit mandates water quality parameters and monitoring requirements.

    The WWTP also operates an on-site laboratory accredited by the Environmental Laboratory Approval Program of the NYS Department of Health to perform required SPDES testing.

    WWTP Design Flow: 3.75 MGD, Daily Peak Design Flow: 10 MGD

    Sewer Rates: $5.50 per calendar quarter, $2.50 per 100 cu. ft of metered water consumption

    Operators: Robert Gleasman, Rennie Carroll, Myron Thurston, Chris Carney, Richard Scales

    Laboratory Director: Robert Pryor

    Maintenance Mechanic: Leonard Young, John Plows

    Laborer: Dennis Laurin

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