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ROW Permit
Any work performed with the public right-of-way requires a permit from the engineering office;


Work may include, excavation, temporary structures, sidewalks, curb cuts,etc..

Public works is responsible for maintaining approximately 108 lane miles of roadway. Work includes temporary surface repairs, street sweeping, tree trimming, and roadside mowing, signal and signage maintenance.

Annual pavement resurfacing and reconstruction is performed by Contract. Review Draft 3-year resurfacing program: “Draft – 3 Year roadway resurfacing program”

Sidewalk maintenance is the responsible of the property owner unless damage is caused by a city street tree (tree within the public right-of-way). Prior to replacing sidewalk a right-of-way permit must be submitted and approved by the engineering office. Sidewalk replacement must be in accordance with the following specifications;

For City street tree damaged sidewalks, please contact the engineering office, 363-7222 or email: for review.

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