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The engineering office is responsible for issuing permit for any development within a flood hazard area;
Floodplain development permit

A floodplain development permit is required for any development activity in the regulated floodplain. This includes any man-made change to improved or unimproved real estate, including but not limited to the construction, reconstruction, renovation, repair, expansion or alteration of buildings, accessory structures or other structures; the placement of manufactured homes: mining dredging; streets and other paving; docks, utilities; filling grading and excavation; drilling operations; storage of equipment or materials and formation of manufactured home, recreation vehicle, or trailer parks.

Check the Flood Insurance Rate Map (flood hazard map) to determine if the proposed project is in the Special Flood Hazard Area / 100-year (1%) floodplain. This is the regulated floodplain within which a floodplain development permit is required. NFIP maps can be found at FEMA’s flood Map Service Center;

Flood Data – Oneida Creek

USGS Maintains a streamgauge for Oneida Creek near Sconondoa Street.  Resident interested in reviewing Oneida Creek levels can go to the following website:

The hydrograph provides up-to-date water elevations as well as predictive stream heights based on precipitation modeling.  The website also provides a map showing FEMA NFIP 1% annual chance flood inundation limits (aka 100-year flood).

After the 2013 flood event, the City of Oneida coordinated with the NWS to correlate stream gauge readings with potential flooding impacts.  This information is listed at the bottom of the page under “flood impacts” for reference.    

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