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Pat Baron

Pat Baron

Pat Baron, Code Enforcement Officer
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Zoning and Construction (Accessory Structures)

The City of Oneida regulates all accessory structures with the inner and outside districts to make sure that they meet the zone district development standards and the NYS Build Code.  All accessory structures require a Building Permit to be issued by the Code Enforcement office prior to the placement or construction of the structure.  Structures that are less than 120 square feet in size do not require a building permit.  For structures larger that 120 square feet in size, a fee will be charge for the building permit and the structure is to be constructed in accordance with the NYS Building Code.

The zoning set back requirements for all accessory structures is 10′ from property lines, 10′ from dwelling, and 10′ from other accessory structures.

Accessory structures are only permitted in side or rear yards and shall not exceed 18 ‘ in height.

Applications for you to print out and submit:
 Building Permit
 Demolition Permit
Swimming Pool 
Seasonal Swimming Pool Application
Sign Permit 
Private Waste Disposal Application
Residential or Commercial Building Sewer Application
New York State Unified Solar Permit Application

See The City of Oneida Code Book for links to the ordinances enforced by the Code Enforcement Office.

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